Schlagwort-Archive: Siegfried Kohlhammer

Großes Kino

Siegfried Kohlhammer

“Ich & John Wayne” – the title of this book, German obviously, means Me & John Wayne, and the subtitle “Lichtspiele” is a by now obsolete — but lovely nevertheless — term for cinemas: “Licht” means light in the sense of ‘electric light’ and “Spiele” plays.

This is THE book for everyone who loves the movies — think “Stagecoach” and “The Lady Eve,” “Captain Blood” and “Barry Lyndon,” some of Kurt Scheel’s favourites — and its title also indicates that this is not a ‘profound’ academic discourse, although chock-full of intelligent observations and informations, but above all a witty, ironic, ENTERTAINING book by someone who sincerely loves and knows the movies.